Our services

CX Quality Management is your Customer Experience Manager when you need one.

  • We have a toolbox full of equipment to give you real time quality management information what the trends are in customer experience, employee happiness and business processes. (audits).

  • It is a comforting thought that all management of a company have access to quality management info to see in real time what is going on in crucial sectors

  • We create clear and colorful infographics that can be shared on desktops and mobile devices. The time of boring Excel sheets full of numbers is gone….

  • The research, data collection and visualization of projects is done with software from CYS Group from Europe. For more than 15 years this is proven to be the best software in the world in the field. 



What is in our tool box?

  • Extensive experience in organization management

  • A solid marketing & sales team

  • Creative IT knowledge

  • Best software for collecting and presenting data

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