Our Story

Hospitality is in our genes, more than 40 years. from that background we look at the world from a service perspective. It is easy to understand but not easy to execute, every time on every occasion.

Way of working

Experience is the new product, for every company. Every entity that focuses on the experience that customers have with their product or services, generates great performance. Customer satisfaction and experience must be analyzed professionally with the best available software in the world. The real time data are presented in infographics  to use in apps on telephones, desktops and notebooks. Everyone in the company that is responsible for CX (Customer Experience) will have access to the infographics to know the trends. That means everybody in your company!

The creation of a customer centric culture is the result of our Voice of Employee programs. Every HR manager will embrace the quality information derived from our data collection tools: Employee Energy Pulse and The eXperience Culture Scan.   

In the forest of regulations that every company is facing with audits and accreditations, nothing brings more stability than our software where all data is available to the right people at the right time. We simplify your ISO audits and all similar ongoing processes in your business.


Robert Teulings

Chief Executive Officer

Born in the Netherlands many moons ago. I never expected to live in Asia but I took that road when I had the opportunity. I love to play blues on piano and guitar

Viriyakan  Trongsri

IT Support & Creation

I’m a IT specialist I'm always challenged to make video creations and presentation on computer.

 Paepan  Boonpoem

Office Manager

Living in Bangkok, I have a beautiful smile, I love to travel Also likes to shopping my favorite drink is black coffee,  Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's impossible, YOU CAN DO IT.

Pattiya Ajudia

Research and Marketing

I'm the Research Marketing for this company. I always think that everything is possible if you think it is possible and work hard for it.